New logo design, has personal value to this designer! (Updated | Sweet 16 Repost)

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Read The St Pete Times Article about this story.

Read The Gainesville Sun Article about this.


With the Mighty Gators marching to New Orleans and the Sweet 16, I thought this would be a nice time to repost this.

Original Post: As a Devout fan of my beloved Florida Gators, I was very excited to see this project roll across my desk.

Holler Apparel has hired me to design the logo for their new line of clothing. The clothing line is inspired by long time Gator legend George Edmondson Jr., known by millions of Gator fans everywhere as “Mr. Two Bits”.

The logo is very simple and non-distinct as it will be placed on the upper left chest similar to the Polo logo. As an artist I have to fight the urge to get overly creative. The design request was for a simple, but memorable…Very much like George himself.

This little logo might not matter to many, but millions of Gator fans anywhere, will immediately recognize his signature orange and blue tie, blue pants, yellow shirt and black and white shoes…which graced The stadium for 60 years. George retired after the 2008 Football season.

A portion of every apparel sale is proudly donated to the Mr. 2-Bits Scholarship

Non-Gators can learn more about George and his story.

It is very cool, even for the non sports fan:

The story behind it will warm your heart. Read what the press is saying:  St. Pete Times Article here. |  Gainseville Sun Article here.

Brian and the guys at Holler U have done a great job with this. I’ll be wearing mine in The Swamp on gameday.


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  1. Good Morning,

    Great artwork !! I have a small courier in Jax company called First Coast Messenger

    The “F” is just like the one for UF…I would love to put your George on all of my gator shirts, non gator shirts…Do you have a patch?

    There are a group of Gator Lawyers that I want to get their biz, and this fire them up!!

    Thank you,


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