What’s Inspiring Me Today | Vol. 1

"Luna Harbor" - Paul Tilly

Most designers draw some inspiration from something external. For me these things are pretty cut and dry.

As an ARTIST: When I need some inspiration to paint one of my tropical works I will often visit a gallery, take a walk on the beach, or pop a little Jimmy Buffett on in the mp3 player of my choosing.

As a PHOTOGRAPHER: Well my 2 little girls usually do the trick. But seriously everything is just asking to have its picture taken isn’t it?

As a DESIGNER: It may be music (Often Switchfoot‘s frontman Jon Foreman. He does his best writing on his Solo stuff. – The 4 seasonal E.P.’s are amazing – They are so organic and thought provoking…it gets your mind in motion.) . I also will often just listen to sounds of rain or the ocean on my computer….this clears your mind, while not clouding it with words.

As a PERSON: My inspiration comes from 3 simple places. Faith in my loving Creator, The unwavering support of my Family and the loyalty of Friends.

These editions to my blog will discuss these concepts of inspiration with the goal being to maybe turn my readers on to a new artist, band, or even way of thought. Feel free to add you own ideas…

What I’m listening to today:

Lifehouse  – Smoke and Morrors – Deluxe Edition.

Jason MrazWe Sing We Dance We Steal Things.


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  1. This week I’m into the white stripes and the innocence mission:)) and i totally just
    learned something new about u…Jason miraz? Awesome:)

  2. Ha. I’m getting alittle older, but I still know good music…Your probably shocked to know that I am now listening to: http://www.dianakrall.com/default.aspx She is one of my current faves.

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