The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

O.K… maybe this has nothing to do with creativity….or maybe it has everything.
Let me explain. My son was due to be born Friday. Both of my daughters were born a few days early. Needless to say, my wife and I had built ourselves up, that this time would be the same. Well, Its Sunday afternoon, and still….nothing. No labor, no delivery, no son…yet.

Our schedules? In Limbo.
Our plans? On hold.
My creative juices? Dry as a bone.

How does this relate to creativity? Well, that is very simple. It zaps ALL of it. It crushes the creative open mind into a needle sized tunnel. My mind can think of nothing, when in reality the creative mind needs to explore everything. My mind is racing. My plans are in disarray. I stare a hole though my computer screen. My canvas remains white. My shutter button does not click. Nothing.

It is amazing how those of us who consider ourselves creative artists can be grounded by one event. Or in this case…the lack of such an event.

Whats more amazing however is how suddenly that will change, because he will be here soon. His arrival will unload a rush of inspiration that’s hard to measure. I know that feeling. My little girls have inspired me more than words can say. My wife inspires me everyday. He will be no different. He will inspire.

But for today….I wait…Maybe its the calm before the creative storm.

Maybe its the dam of creativity waiting to burst. …But for today….I wait.  (To be continued)


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  1. Love it pauly…you are such a “tenderheart”!!

  2. grrrr…*sigh*…grrrr

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