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Recent Work…

Just an update of some of my latest Logo/Corporate ID’s. Logos were designed for clients from Australia, Sweden, Spain and The US.

Latest Logo/I.D. Design: CloudCoverage | Washington, DC

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This design is for a cloud computing company based in Washington, DC.

Thanks to Rick Harris, for his feedback on the project.

We thrive on the suggestions and feedback of our clients to insure the best face for your company or business.

For more information on Tilly Design and improving your brand contact us: | 910-540-3488


Do something good. Give some work away.

Wikipedia describes pro bono as:

“A phrase derived from Latin meaning “for the public good”. The term is generally used to describe professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service. It is common in the legal profession and is increasingly seen in marketing, technology, and strategy consulting firms.”

Well my latest design is just that. My wife is a graduate of the University Of North Carolina at Wilmington, and My Brother In Law is a member of the Information System Association club at the university. So, I was thrilled to help these guys out.

We designers know the importance of a concrete design that will be the recognizable symbol for your company or group. Well for years to come these students will have a mark to galvanize them, and be their reference point as they become the leaders of tomorrow. These students are the future, and in a small way, I had a hand in that this week.

Sometimes as artists we can be overwhelmed by deadlines, pricelists, and creative block (see previous blog). Sometimes we lose the vision that art while our profession also has the ability to touch lives.

So today, I’m back to the deadlines, and print shop issues. I have a clients business cards that are blurry, and a big design in front of a major investor. All are nerve racking.

So thanks to the ISA, for allowing me to construct this mark for you.

…and reminding me that sometimes money can take a backseat.

New logo design, has personal value to this designer! (Updated | Sweet 16 Repost)

Shop at Holler U >


Read The St Pete Times Article about this story.

Read The Gainesville Sun Article about this.


With the Mighty Gators marching to New Orleans and the Sweet 16, I thought this would be a nice time to repost this.

Original Post: As a Devout fan of my beloved Florida Gators, I was very excited to see this project roll across my desk.

Holler Apparel has hired me to design the logo for their new line of clothing. The clothing line is inspired by long time Gator legend George Edmondson Jr., known by millions of Gator fans everywhere as “Mr. Two Bits”.

The logo is very simple and non-distinct as it will be placed on the upper left chest similar to the Polo logo. As an artist I have to fight the urge to get overly creative. The design request was for a simple, but memorable…Very much like George himself.

This little logo might not matter to many, but millions of Gator fans anywhere, will immediately recognize his signature orange and blue tie, blue pants, yellow shirt and black and white shoes…which graced The stadium for 60 years. George retired after the 2008 Football season.

A portion of every apparel sale is proudly donated to the Mr. 2-Bits Scholarship

Non-Gators can learn more about George and his story.

It is very cool, even for the non sports fan:

The story behind it will warm your heart. Read what the press is saying:  St. Pete Times Article here. |  Gainseville Sun Article here.

Brian and the guys at Holler U have done a great job with this. I’ll be wearing mine in The Swamp on gameday.


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