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What inspires me? Droid Does…No Really…It does!

I have written similar posts to this one before. I keep writing them because they always change. When I say “they”, I mean the things that inspire. For me there are “absolutes of inspiration” (Wife, Kids, ocean, creation in general) But sometimes there are new things. New things that catch you by surprise.

Lately I have found one of those new things.  I have found it in the simple unprofessional lens of my Android phone camera. That’s right I said PHONE camera. I have more expensive cameras of course. I am even an alum of the New York Institute of Photography.  So what would make me use this little camera on my phone as inspiration? Simple. The Challenge. The challenge is that in the absence of quality you must make up for it in substance. You must take a GREAT photograph that can even overcome the shoddy quality of a  phone that is like umpteen MP smaller than my “real” camera. I love it. …No. They cant be sold. They wont get published.  However, They will inspire you to search harder for that great shot. It will drive you to capture your family and life experiences in the moment. So put down the nice professional equipment…as hard as it may be. Throw your phone in your pocket and go get that perfect or not-so-perfect shot. It will get your juices flowing and drive you to create more perfection in whatever art form you enjoy the most.

By the way. I have found the coolest little place to share your photos is on picplz. Great apps for Android and iPhone. Simple quick and lots of cool filters. Great social site for JUST pix.

For more things that can inspire hop over to this post by my friend Melissa Beaver. I think my readers will find her honest and refreshing: The Pleated Polka Dot.


New Logos / Corporate ID designs.

Just a quick update on some recent designs from Qtr. 2 of 2011  for clients from around the nation and the world. Also, Is it just me or is blue the color of choice for 2011?….Hmmm maybe I will make it the source of my new brand coming in July *hint alert*

Just a quick update on some recent designs for clients around the world.

History…In color? Bet you’ve never seen this.

These amazing photos were passed along by a colleague on an outsource site that I work for. (See her work here: Apatini Design)

These are amazing shots from America’s yesteryear and also shots from Russia 100 years ago. The photos were taken way before computers or photoshop, yet they have the grit and beauty of  a photo taken by the modern photographer in the digital age.  I found these simply amazing.

These should be reminders to us of what we are trying to capture as artists and photographers. They remind us that we are capturing moments. Freezing Time. Creating time capsules that will give insight into our world 100 years from now.

As designers we seek to create a classic brand ID that will stand up to the test of time. As photographers we hope to in some ways do the same. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

See the US Photos: HERE

See the Russian Photos: HERE

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

O.K… maybe this has nothing to do with creativity….or maybe it has everything.
Let me explain. My son was due to be born Friday. Both of my daughters were born a few days early. Needless to say, my wife and I had built ourselves up, that this time would be the same. Well, Its Sunday afternoon, and still….nothing. No labor, no delivery, no son…yet.

Our schedules? In Limbo.
Our plans? On hold.
My creative juices? Dry as a bone.

How does this relate to creativity? Well, that is very simple. It zaps ALL of it. It crushes the creative open mind into a needle sized tunnel. My mind can think of nothing, when in reality the creative mind needs to explore everything. My mind is racing. My plans are in disarray. I stare a hole though my computer screen. My canvas remains white. My shutter button does not click. Nothing.

It is amazing how those of us who consider ourselves creative artists can be grounded by one event. Or in this case…the lack of such an event.

Whats more amazing however is how suddenly that will change, because he will be here soon. His arrival will unload a rush of inspiration that’s hard to measure. I know that feeling. My little girls have inspired me more than words can say. My wife inspires me everyday. He will be no different. He will inspire.

But for today….I wait…Maybe its the calm before the creative storm.

Maybe its the dam of creativity waiting to burst. …But for today….I wait.  (To be continued)

Overcoming Mental Blocks To Creative Thinking.

Was having a little creative block today which sent me searching for an escape. I watched some hoops, I thought about a walk…which never happened. I stared blankly at my screen. Nothing. I even tried a random music genre, that I know little about (Piano Jazz)….Still….Nada.

So I went to my old friend Google for some answers. I found a good read on the subject.

We have all struggled with this:

Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking?
by Brian Clark
“Whether you’re trying to solve a tough problem, start a business, get attention for that business or write an interesting article, creative thinking is crucial. The process boils down to changing your perspective and seeing things differently than you currently do.

People like to call this “thinking outside of the box,” which is the wrong way to look at it. Just like Neo needed to understand that “there is no spoon” in the film The Matrix, you need to realize “there is no box” to step outside of.”

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