History…In color? Bet you’ve never seen this.

These amazing photos were passed along by a colleague on an outsource site that I work for. (See her work here: Apatini Design)

These are amazing shots from America’s yesteryear and also shots from Russia 100 years ago. The photos were taken way before computers or photoshop, yet they have the grit and beauty of  a photo taken by the modern photographer in the digital age.  I found these simply amazing.

These should be reminders to us of what we are trying to capture as artists and photographers. They remind us that we are capturing moments. Freezing Time. Creating time capsules that will give insight into our world 100 years from now.

As designers we seek to create a classic brand ID that will stand up to the test of time. As photographers we hope to in some ways do the same. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

See the US Photos: HERE

See the Russian Photos: HERE


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  1. love it paul tilly! and love love love the site. look at you mr. big time graphic desiger, father of THREE!!!!!!!!
    miss you guys

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