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Surfing….through my viewfinder.

My surfing days were very short….and a LONG time ago. I have lived my who life on the coast. The Florida Gulf Coast left very little surf for the young would-be boardsmith. What it lacked in surf-ability, it made up for in photogenic beauty.  Now at this more mature point in life, I live on the Atlantic Coast. I have no desire to attempt to balance my 38 year old frame on that fiberglass board anymore…..But…The hunt for the perfect coastal morning continues in a different form.

This week like many others before it, I found myself rising before the sun in search for the perfect sunrise. The beach is empty at that time of the morning. Two groups of people make that early pilgrimage across the sand on these coastal mornings. Those who ride the ocean on a board, and those who try to capture it with their lens. Much like the surfers who just beat me to the beach this day, I to was hunting for something.

Not every sunrise is a photogenic one. In fact the more overcast the better. You need clouds to capture the rays. The clearer the sky, the less likely you will have a majestic event. Unfortunately, while refreshing, most mornings last week were just the “typical” clear morning. The sun rose simply, with no fanfare.

Saturday morning however, was a different story. The wind was blowing and the clouds were mounting. The waves rolled large and barrel-like. The spray from the ocean was blowing softly across the shoreline. I could taste the salt air. I had waited all week for this. The surfers had waited for this. The suns initial appearance was hidden by a horizon full of building clouds. The surfers seemed to notice too. Some stopped for a moment and looked east. That’s when it happened. The cloudy sky coupled with that orange orb that I had hunted and waited for patiently, finally peered through the one opening in that wall of darkness. Its rays spread through and clung to everything near by. ..the surrounding clouds reflecting every color and shade of orange and pink and red.

I had waited…and hunted…and then right in front of me was the prey I had hunted…”Click!”…the surfers and I had both found what we were waiting for.  We were both looking for that one magical experience, that would literally inspire our entire day.  Moments later, the surfers …and the photogs head off to our  jobs, schools and families. Passing the tourists and beachcombers who are just now arriving.

They seem oblivious to what they have just missed. They have no idea the parking is free that early…right up until they got here. Now they stuff the meter and drag their coolers and chairs across the sand.

Little do they know. The best part of the ride….ended 10 minutes ago.


What’s Inspiring Me Today | Vol. 1

"Luna Harbor" - Paul Tilly

Most designers draw some inspiration from something external. For me these things are pretty cut and dry.

As an ARTIST: When I need some inspiration to paint one of my tropical works I will often visit a gallery, take a walk on the beach, or pop a little Jimmy Buffett on in the mp3 player of my choosing.

As a PHOTOGRAPHER: Well my 2 little girls usually do the trick. But seriously everything is just asking to have its picture taken isn’t it?

As a DESIGNER: It may be music (Often Switchfoot‘s frontman Jon Foreman. He does his best writing on his Solo stuff. – The 4 seasonal E.P.’s are amazing – They are so organic and thought provoking…it gets your mind in motion.) . I also will often just listen to sounds of rain or the ocean on my computer….this clears your mind, while not clouding it with words.

As a PERSON: My inspiration comes from 3 simple places. Faith in my loving Creator, The unwavering support of my Family and the loyalty of Friends.

These editions to my blog will discuss these concepts of inspiration with the goal being to maybe turn my readers on to a new artist, band, or even way of thought. Feel free to add you own ideas…

What I’m listening to today:

Lifehouse  – Smoke and Morrors – Deluxe Edition.

Jason MrazWe Sing We Dance We Steal Things.

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